April 2016

Possibly the best tattoo cover up ever

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No Pain No Gain

I’m pregnant, call me!

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Funny prank to leave random messages on random cars in the shopping center carpark.

Try this at home, at your own risk, of course

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Is this a deformed hand or a well-trained hand?

Paint samples wall decoration

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The walls of this room are covered with paint samples collected from stores

Weird animal combination

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Cat and bird sitting on a tree...

Grumpy politics

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The most wise cat ever

And they said Tetris wouldn’t help me in this life

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Tetris (Russian: Те́трис, pronounced [ˈtɛtrʲɪs]) is a tile-matching puzzle video game, originally designed and programmed by Russian game designer Alexey Pajitnov. It was released on June 6, 1984, while he was working for the Dorodnicyn Computing Centre of the Academy of Science of the USSR in Moscow. He derived its name from the Greek numerical [...]

Learn to pay attention

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First-year students to med school were receiving their first anatomy class with a real dead human body. They all gathered around the surgery table with the body covered with a white sheet. The professor started the class by telling them, "In medicine, its necessary to have two important qualities as a doctor. The first is [...]

I want this setup

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Walk in the park

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Funny bucket list

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